Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kitty Hijinx and WIP Progress: Green Blanket

I was walking through the house when I spotted a two-color strand of yarn (I notice these things) strung from the floor up the stairs onto the first landing. It ended near one of the cats, but not until I got closer did I realize someone had tied it to one of the cat toys, which had then gotten dragged up the stairs. Rool, pictured here, tried to convince me he was not at fault if the yarn got damaged:

Meanwhile, our other cat, Franjean (yes, we named them after the brownies in the movie "Willow"), was enjoying my progress on the green blanket:

I only have one more strip to sew to the last piece, then I can sew the three big pieces together and I'll be done. And it's only taken a decade. Such speed.

My hubby was taking the tree down today, so the cats decided they needed one last romp through it before it was boxed up:

Don't worry, guys: it'll be back next year.

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