Saturday, September 3, 2011

WIP: Reaper Paint Caddy Dividers

My Hubby and I have the entire line of Master Series Paints from Reaper Minis (yes, I mean all 216 colors, not counting the duplicates we have), which came in 3 paint caddies. At any given time, there are numerous bottles of paint in use on one craft desk or another (my oldest has at least 50 out just in his area). When that happens, the paints left in the caddies tend to slide around and get out of order, which makes it more difficult to find a particular color or triad of colors. It's also hard to see what the color in the bottle is when you're looking down at the cap. The caddies come with removable dividers but you can't put as many paints in if the dividers are in place, and the bottles still won't stay upside-down.

My solution, of course, involves yarn. In this case, yarn and plastic mesh, cut into strips and sewn into a ladder-like configuration. I've gotten one of the caddies almost completed:
Row 1 complete: so much easier to see what color it is when the bottle is inverted!

Note 3rd row where some paints are missing but the bottles stay in place.  Boo-yah!

Here's where I messed up and put a "step" on the wrong side:
I got distracted by the pretty colors.

I haven't decided if it's worth putting smaller versions in the fixed pockets near the front of the caddies, but I probably will since I still want them inverted. The bottles don't clog any more than they normally do when stored right-side up. Since they normally clog regardless, I keep a straight pin handy for clearing them.

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