Monday, April 23, 2012

Lacy Scarf and Mitts

These were knitted for a co-worker who's been a lot of help to me since she started with us almost a year ago. It's nearly assistant's day or whatever they're calling it now, so I thought I would knit her something in her favorite color. There was some variation in the yarn colorway so the stripes don't match exactly: 

These were made with SMC Select extra soft Merino, color 5284 (100% Merino wool), size US5 circular needles (3.25mm), using "Lush Fingerless Mitts" (pattern by Susan Mills, Classic Elite Yarns). 

The scarf is not part of the original pattern; for that I adapted the cabled portion of the mitts using 3 repeats; one in the center of one side and two at the our edges of the other side:

The toughest part of this was getting my gauge consistent for the mitts; I developed tendonitis in my right elbow in late January, so as the condition of my arm changed, so did my gauge. I ended up knitting the mitts four times to get two the same size. As a result, this one gets the "scurvy yarn projects" label.

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