Monday, September 14, 2009

New Dice Bag

This is the latest dice bag I’ve made for my Hubby. The outer layer is made of OnLine Linie 14 Trend Collection “Cedro” color 0108 (a narrow ribbon yarn with some silvery highlights that you can't see in the scan) using size 8 dpns; the liner is Omega Sinfonia Azul Rey color 833 (a sportweight yarn) using size 3 dpns.

The first photo shows the liner in progress (the wrong side of the outer layer is showing):

After knitting the outer part of the bag, I flip the bag inside-out, calculate the difference in number of stitches to get the same circumference, then pick up and knit so that the wrong sides will face each other, making sure to leave enough depth at the top for the bag to gather when the ties are inserted.

This is the outside of the finished bag (my hubby chose the skeleton key to adorn the outside):

This is the inside:

The ties are made from the same yarn as the liner, and are simply two strands of crocheted chain stitch.

You might wonder why a bag intended for 7 one-inch plastic dice would need a liner, since the dice are too big to fall out through the stitches. While the liner is technically not necessary, there are several reasons a liner is desirable. The most practical reason is that it ensures the 4-sided dice (the pointiest of the set; essentially a tiny pyramid) don’t poke through. The added thickness also helps insulate the dice when (not if) the bag gets dropped.  Both liner and outer layer stretch, so they can hold a lot of dice. This is important because we’re avid dice collectors, so rarely is there only one set in a bag. The extra layer also gives the bag a more luxurious feel, which can make a difference if you’re in mid-game battle, worried for your character, clutching your dice bag like your character's life depends on it, hoping the dice inside won’t fail you.  You can buy a thin, flimsy dice bag anywhere, but for the “lucky dice,” only the best will do.

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