Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cabled Sweater

This is a scanned image of the cabled sweater I hand-knit for my Hubby from a pattern found in "Knitting the New Classics," by Kristin Nicholas, specifically Aran Family, p. 33, et seq.

This image is also now the background of my blog, since I figured out how to do that.

Making this sweater took a really long time, but I am always glad that I've made one more thing for my hubby, as well as anyone else in my family.  I'm also always glad I've tried something I haven't done before.  One of the reasons it took so long is that I was quite dismayed at the use of 3 needles (2 knitting needles plus a cable needle).  After I'd put it down for awhile and made quite a lot of socks (using 5 needles), cabling on 3 needles didn't seem so complicated.  Naturally, there's a glaring error in the cabling, but at least I won't get turned into a spider.

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