Monday, October 26, 2009

Wedding Dice

A few years ago, when my Hubby was planning his proposal, he had learned from my best friend that I am very difficult to surprise, but I can be distracted. I already knew he'd been looking for a ring, and I knew it had arrived, but didn't know when he was planning to pop the question, nor under what circumstances. A couple of good chances had come and gone without the question being asked, so I was beginning to wonder. Meanwhile, he ordered a set of these dice for me in a slightly darker green than shown from Q-Workshop in Poland:

So the day we were moving in together, I didn't know the dice had come in. It was late, and we'd brought basically the last load over, and he mentioned something about rocks (we both have rocks - long story), and then said "speaking of rocks..." and went to get something. I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't the ring, but instead was the package containing the green Celtic dice, which I do very much like. I proceeded to show them around to the folks that had come to help us move (best friend, her hubby and her sister), and about the time I got back to the table, now properly distracted, my now-hubby gets down on one knee and hands me the ring and proposes in a very romantic fashion. Naturally, I said yes. After all, if a man can propose when he's just moved an apartment full of stuff and everyone is all dirty and sweaty, he must really mean it, right? Not that I had any doubt.

Naturally, these very special dice required a very special dice bag, though I am not certain I'd ever knitted a dice bag before at the time. Nevertheless, I found some lovely ribbon yarn and made this to keep them in:

I don't actually use these dice for playing: they're rather hard to read and I worry about damaging them. I keep them in this little bag with my other dice as a kind of visual scrapbook, so every time I go looking for a set of dice, I remember how sweet he was (and still is) :-)


  1. Here we are, now three days from our 3rd wedding anniversary and I love you more than ever! Yarn, coffee, games, paint, unfinished projects, long naps, dips in the pool, trips to the office supply, "mysteriously lost" dollars stores, long overstuffed book boxes... yep - three - the magic number, and some of the best years of my life ever, without quantification, qualification, advanced math or having to even calculate THAC0! Muwah!

  2. What a sweet story! So glad it all worked out for both of you!! :)

  3. Thanks :-) This October will be our 4th anniversary :-)