Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Stackable Cats

Currently, I'm working on this adorable pattern, which my Hubby was kind enough to purchase for me after alerting me to its very cute existence.

This little kitty knitted up very easily. I didn't even do a test swatch or read the needle sizes, and simply grabbled needles appropriate to the yarn I used, which is a dark brown worsted-weight, possibly wool yarn from the Yarn Booty. The yarn label is uncharacteristically missing, but I think it's from Patton's.

The instructions are pretty easy and mostly clear, though there are a couple of spots that might give a beginner some trouble. The pattern does contain a link to a tutorial on their website for the stitched used to sew the kitty together, which is handy, and any other trouble spots are easily figured out: certainly none should be a deal-killer: this cutie is well worth the $5.00 for the pattern. Personally, I'm thinking of knitting 3 of the small ones for my office so I can juggle them when someone walks in without a smile....

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