Sunday, November 15, 2009

Famous Knitting

Here's another blog post by my hubby about one of my dice bags. This one was knitted in a white multi-textured yarn that made it look somewhat vaguely like a small dragon pelt, if dragons at any stage of their lives have a bit of fuzz. This one actually does have a liner, though it was added some time after the dice bag was originally made. Given that the yarn is thin and fine, I used crochet thread for the liner. As he points out, I make better drawstrings these days: this one was just a length of the yarn tied at the ends; generally, I use two crocheted strands these days, which makes them a bit sturdier. I believe we bought the yarn on one of our very earliest trips to the Woolie Ewe. Unfortunately, I have no idea what kind of yarn it was, so I can't post it here. If I figure it out, I'll update with the name, etc.

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