Sunday, November 22, 2009

Holiday Dish Rag

I just finished this holiday dish rag:

If it looks a bit wobbly, it's not yet been washed and blocked. It's knit in seed stitch with a garter stitch border, using Hobby Lobby's I Love This Cotton #16 Buttercup Print.

I'd been looking at this color for quite some time before I finally purchased it. It reminds me of eggnog and holiday green and red but I wasn't originally sure I liked it. Having knitted with it, it's very soft, as are all the I Love This Cotton products, and continues to look festive and remind me of eggnog now that it's knitted up.

Making the rag took a bit over half of one of the 2 skeins I purchased, so I will probably end up with 3 dish rags, or maybe a tea cozy. I haven't decided. Maybe I'll ask CrapCat.

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