Saturday, November 21, 2009


Earlier today, my Hubby was teasing me about a pattern I found because the colors are a bit drab (I won’t go into detail, but he said it looked moldy, and I can't necessarily disagree). Generally, when I show him things, I turn my monitor so he can see the image. Having given up trying to convince him that the colors could be changed, I was returning my monitor to its normal position when CrapCat tumbled off like a Humpty Dumpty wannabe. When I picked him up, he had two size 00 DPN’s sticking out of his head. Ignoring the obvious statement that makes about the condition of my desk, I re-positioned the DPN’s and here is the result:

You can't see them in this photo, but to CrapCat’s left are his new buddies: a Lego Jedi-Wizard and his Owl familiar that my Hubby pieced together from several sets the children decimated long ago:

My Hubby is a Lego fan, so now that the children don’t play with them anymore, he’s put all the sets together so he can build something. Not sure what yet, but I’m not complaining since the same can be said of my yarn stash.

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