Thursday, November 26, 2009

Coolest Sweater Ever

I admit I look at an embarrassing number of patterns. I browse the knitting mags every month for new and interesting patterns, I have a number of books on the subject, I am subscribed to several knitting mag email newsletters, craft newsletters, and so on.

As time goes on, a decreasing number of the patterns I see interest me at all, and many seem merely a re-hashing of old patterns, or are just too freaky to subject any decent yarn to. Of all of them, perhaps 20% of them grab my attention. Perhaps 10% elicit an "oooh" and a save to disk (or purchase, in the case of magazines) for future use. A very small number, however, elicit a "Gasp! Dude!" and become immediate members of that elite list of "Things I Will Make Before I Die." This sweater is the newest addition to that list, and is surely the coolest sweater I have ever seen:

This gem was designed, photographed and knitted by Avital Pinnick, who provides the chart and the story behind the sweater here. As she points out, the color is not great, but easily changed.

I discovered it thanks to a Facebook link posted by Knitwhits on the topic of unusual things people have knitted. The original article from Discover Magazine is worth taking a look at for the other pics, too, but the sweater is an I-gotta-have. Okay, so I'm a nerd. I have the nerd t-shirt, I wear it proudly. As I mentioned in Facebook, however, I am apparently not a big enough nerd to have thought of this myself, so thanks to Ms. Pinnick and those who brought the story to me!

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