Monday, November 16, 2009

Famous Knitting

Wow, I've just realized I've not posted about my prize-winning tea cozy:

My hubby did post about it, the day before I started this blog, and I guess I forgot to post about it myself, since I helped gather the info on the type of yarn, etc., thus satisfying my internal record-keeping needs. As he says, the original test swatch for the tea cozy ended up as a dice bag, since I had to use an entire ball of the yarn so I'd know how much yarn I would need for the tea cozy. We still use the tea cozy, but she is not normally all stretched out like that; normally, she's curled around the tea pot like this:

Here is my youngest, who just can't stay out of pictures, posing with the tea cozy:

This is our second tea cozy, which didn't win any prizes, but which has a matching cloth to go under it so the tea pot doesn't lose heat to the counter:

We usually use both tea cozies in tandem, since we have two teapots of different sizes, and it takes several pots of tea to fill our iced tea container. The dragon tea cozy fits the larger tea pot, which has pictures of roses on it; the smaller tea pot is plain white, and rather shorter, and fits better into the blue tea cozy.


  1. What a cool tea cozy! Congratulations on the prize. I followed the link to your husband's blog to see what the prize was. You might want to correct the link to your husband's blog. It has part of a blogger URL at the beginning.

  2. Thanks :-) And thanks for letting me know about the link - it should be fixed now. My hubby gave me the html code to make the links appear in a new tab instead of re-directing, and sometimes I forget to take out the placeholder - oops heheh.

  3. Update: found the yarn label for the blue tea cozy: Araucania Pomair hand-dyed pima cotton, color 6.