Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Plank Walking: Center-Pull Yarn Ball

Okay, I stand (or sit) corrected: you can indeed make a center-pull ball of yarn by hand. Thanks to the kind folks at Knitting Daily, I've learned how to do this.

Originally, I thought this was rather useless for me and somewhat of a pain since I already have a winder. However, this little trick came in quite handy (pardon the pun) recently.

I am currently working on an overdue baby blanket for a co-worker using Vera, and needed another small spool of the contrast yarn. Unfortunately, both balls of contrast yarn were already attached to Vera at the edges of the blanket, so I used Knitting Daily's technique to make a small center-pull ball of the contrast yarn from the outer strand of one of the spools, and it worked! Granted, it doesn't pull out as smoothly as the yarn spooled via the winder, but it wasn't too bad, and in this case, was a lot easier than trying to spool it while attached to Vera.

Knitting Daily's instructions for the center-pull ball can be found here (in about the middle of the page), but please don't make me walk the plank! Sometimes it's good to be wrong!

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