Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rogue Hat

We have a friend in the Army who's been overseas for some time, and has very recently (as in, just a few days ago) come back to town.  Though my Hubby and I are always proud of our friend, he ascended to a special place in our hearts while he was away by earning himself the nickname "Rogue."  So, not moments after we learned of his then-new moniker, we plotted how best to memorialize the moment, and of course, it had to involve yarn.  Conveniently, I have a pattern for a reversible hat designed by Theresa Gaffey (whose copyright statement precludes me from posting the pic from the original pattern - a shame, really, it's a nice hat).   A bit of graph paper later

and we had our plan.  One side of the hat is camo, the other black, so when you flip the brim, you have either a black hat with a camo band, or a camo hat with a black band bearing the word "Rogue" in camo via some stitch duplication.  I considered putting the word on both sides, but ended up only putting it on one side, in case he needed it to be "speechless."

Unfortunately, we were so excited to see him and his wife and give him the hat that we completely forgot to take pictures of the finished product - oops (I'm sure the beer and coolers they brought had nothing to do with our forgetfulness, nor the fact that our entire stove - range and oven - died while I was making dinner).  That said, here's a sketch of the hat:

The actual hat, I'm happy to say, looks much better than my scribble. Perhaps you can see why I work in yarn and not pencil and paper: yarn is much more forgiving if I lack talent.

p.s. the hat is knit in worsted weight RedHeart and is very, very warm.

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