Monday, August 9, 2010

RPG Painted Mini - Monk (Saille)

I used this mini for one of my favorite characters ever - Saille Siannodel, frequently referenced in my Hubby's blog under the preservational posts for the Valley of Obelisks campaign. The "epilogue" post for that campaign can be found here.

After over 2 years of playing in that campaign, Saille here probably needs a little touching up where the paint has worn/chipped off at the edges of her vest and staff, but I may just leave her alone since I'm retiring this mini. Here's the unpainted original, image and mini by Reaper Minis, sculpted by James van Schaik:

For scale, here's a pic of her next to a standard #2 pencil, on a standard 1-inch per square gaming mat:

As I recall, I actually fretted over her paint a great deal, as we had already begun the Valley of Obelisks campaign and I knew I was going to use her for that character. She was probably my first real attempt at shading, hair, faces, etc. so I had loads of trouble, but in the end she looks exactly like I envisioned for this character. For you gamers, she was a rogue-monk thanks to the Ascetic Rogue feat in the 3.5 rules.

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