Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Future Mini Diorama: Dark Elves vs. Paladin

In my collection, I have 3 minis I plan to paint and put together in a little diorama type thing:

The two on the left are dark elves (evil) and the one on the right with the sword is a Paladin (good; sort of a knight for non-RPG'ers). Since these are just primed and not yet painted, they're a little hard to see. Basically, you've got the evil queen in her throne and her evil cleric casting a spell from a book perched on an undead minion (skeleton, head not yet attached). On the other side you've got the Paladin pausing for a moment to consider which evil to smite first.

My Hubby and I were discussing the base (which will need to be bigger than this 2.5" job they're sitting on), and thought it might be cool to have a spider swarm or something crawling out from where the evil cleric is casting, heading toward the Paladin, trying to make it past her aura of good.

I'm actually open to suggestions on the setting. So far my plan is to paint the minis and then figure out what to do with the floor so they won't either disappear into or clash with the setting.

I post this because I've been planning to put the queen in some sort of setting for awhile now, but didn't think about the little diorama with the evil cleric vs. the Paladin until this past weekend and I don't want to forget. I admit, I even pulled all my paladins out of my display cases to "audition" them. Let's pretend I wasn't playing with tiny metal dolls, 'kay?


  1. If you have a small child near by (even if they're not allowed to touch the dolls), it'll give an air of legitimacy to the entire operation.

  2. Hahahahah! I should have thought of that...