Thursday, July 29, 2010

Why I Missed Sunday's Yarnblob Post

We've been on vacation, or "stay-cation" as they call it, since last Friday after work, and while I've hardly knitted at all, here's what I have been doing:
Yes, you guessed it: I've been busy making a mess. A long list of paintblobs, as it were. My Hubby got me a set of DVD's on more advanced mini-painting techniques by Hot Lead, by Laszlo Jakusovszky who is also a staff painter for Reaper Minis:
While some of the scene transitions could use some work, and the sound quality is intermittent, the quality and quantity of information presented is far more than enough to compensate. I've been wanting to improve my painting skills, so between watching the entire 8-hour DVD set and reviewing the old painting guide kits my Hubby has from Reaper as well as the other articles he's accumulated over the years, my brain is now too full to paint. Maybe I should knit something.

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