Sunday, November 7, 2010

Where's Yarnblob and Does It Get Its Dex Bonus?

You've seen the puzzle pictures where you try to locate one object in a quagmire of visual chaos. I keep one on my desk. Not on purpose, mind you. I clean it off regularly. It just grows back, as though someone has cast "Entangle" and "Permanency" on my desk, only instead of plant life it's papers and yarn projects. Somewhere in the pic below is an incidental yarnblob, created as a result of having to re-start a project I'm designing for a friend. Can you find it? Make your Perception roll.

No? Here's a hint: It's crawling off the desk, onto the keyboard shelf and under my Blackberry.
I'm sure my Spin-Off magazine gets an attack of opportunity, but will it get a +2 for flanking since the keyboard is on the other side? Maybe I need more coffee.

1 comment:

  1. Ah... I long for the days when I could have a luxuriously messy desk for long periods of time. These days I can have a messy desk for approximately 6 hours and then I have to clean it off so it can serve another purpose.