Monday, March 14, 2011

FO: Stripey Socks

Well my plan to ship off the surprise socks to the original intended recipient rather changed when I gave them to a co-worker who's going through some difficult times:

So while trying to decide what to make for the original intended recipient, I made these for myself:
They're made from Berroco Sox color 1474 using my basic toe-up pattern that doesn't require require me to carry the pattern around. Meanwhile, I've chosen the yarn for the original intended recipient, so that's next.

On a side note, I've had to start binding off socks with needles double the circumference of the needles I use to knit the socks because I tend to pull the stitches tight when I'm binding off. For this project, I used these to bind off the cuffs:
Cheerful little guys, aren't they?


  1. Those are awesome! All three. And you are ridiculously fast. :)

    Love love the kitty needles. At least I think they are kitties.

  2. Thanks :-)

    And yes, they're kitties. They're Lion Brand kid teaching needles. Of course, if you flip them over so you can't see the faces they look like teeth, but we don't talk about that....