Thursday, March 3, 2011

2011 Gaming & Yarn Resolution Update

Well we've started March now, so here's where I am on my Resolutions:

Yarn stuff:
• Knit something for someone who isn’t expecting it (Status: Completed! FO is drying and then I can ship it off to the unsuspecting recipient; no pics till the recipient gets it :-P)
• Finish all those baby sets before the babies are in college (it could happen, though, not today)
• Finish that dang green blanket! (Status: Completed!)
• Make my Hubby’s Lab blankie (Status: In progress and about 1/3 done)
• Organize (yes, I used the “O” word!) my yarn stash and library (Status: Ugh. Not. Even. Started.)
• Knit sufficient dice bags for our large dice collection (Status: Ugh.)
• Make myself a sweater (Status: Ugh.)
• Talk more on the forums (Status: Ugh. I keep starting to talk some but then things get in the way and I forget.)
• Blog more regularly (Status: Iffy: chaotic days still keep me from it.)

Gaming/RPG Stuff:
• Try my hand at a character who isn’t a rogue (presuming we start a new campaign or my rogue dies; and, btw, this is a toughie: I’m generally always the rogue). (Status: Still playing same campaign, but she is near death, so who knows.)

Painting Stuff:
• Paint to completion at least 1 mini a month (Status: Ugh.)
• Talk more on the forums (Status: Ugh.)

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