Monday, February 21, 2011

WIP Progress: Hex Blanket and Pink Scarf

Despite a tumultuous week, I did actually make some progress. The hex blankie is up to 4 rows completed:

Unfortunately, the blankie is now too large to simply lay over the dungeon (game mat), and the library doesn't have great light for photography, so I normalized the color as best I could.

Meanwhile, the Pink Scarf of Doom is now 20 inches long, and I've had to buy another Pound of Love because the first one ran out:

In all fairness, I didn't use the entire first Pound of Love for this scarf; part of that went to a baby blanket I haven't finished (I still have some of the first POL set aside for that blanket). I'm contemplating just using the pull-out skein on this one, rather than winding it into multiple cakes, but I'm not sure which tactic will yield fewer Yarnblobs. Either way, I'm also going to have to switch to a larger project bag.

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