Sunday, February 13, 2011

Anti-Yarnblob Device and WIP Progress: Pink Scarf

For projects too large for my original Anti-Yarnblob Device but still small enough to carry around, I have this nifty little Pretty Cheep Project Bag, distributed by Blue Sky Alpacas:

It was fairly inexpensive and a brilliantly simple idea, so I got one and have used it a number of times. Currently, it holds the pink scarf of doom I'm finishing for my older daughter's friend:

It's now up to about 18" long and looks increasingly like a blanket. Oh, well. She actually worked on it some the other night, and I didn't get a picture, but she had her first WIP Yarnblob when a small knot came out of the cake. She was quite worried and didn't know what to do, so I explained that it was a Yarnblob and detangled it in only a few seconds. Family togetherness brought on by a Yarnblob; who'da thunk it?

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