Tuesday, February 1, 2011

WIP Progress: Hex Blanket

I managed to get mostly done with the second row of this blanket, and I must say I like the way it's turning out. However, I did hit a bit of a self-induced snag on the first hex of the second row. This:
Directions? Bah!

is supposed to look like this:

It helps if you read the directions thoroughly. Seems I'm sposed to pick up and knit on the sides of 3 prior hexes, not just 2. I considered ripping it out, but decided just to sew the two sides together instead:
You didn't see annythiing....

It might still look odd in that photo, but in the next photo, the second row is nearly complete and you can see that the gaps between hexes pick themselves up nicely:
Yes, that is a Pathfinder book in the background by the t-square

Thus the last "bite" shape at the end will go away when I knit up the final hex of that row.

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