Saturday, February 5, 2011

Reaper Painting Contest

Thanks to fellow blogger LadyArgent for posting that Reaper Minis is having a Winter Painting Contest. I admit I've had painting on the backburner for awhile; my January Ninja is not complete, though thanks to some helpful suggestions by fellow mini painters, I have some ideas on how to improve him.

Meanwhile, we have this contest thingy now. My first thought was that I'm not really a good enough painter to even bother entering this thing. Since then, I've been mentally chewing over what they said: "Be fun and clever." Somehow I managed to connect this to a gnome mini I've been wanting to paint that previously didn't come out right and has to be scrubbed down to the metal once or twice. While I was working on the hex blankie this afternoon I brought the mini with me so I could think it over, and indeed I've come up with an idea. Right now she's just primered, so I won't post pics of it here until I have some of it done. Here's Reaper's pic of the unpainted mini, sculpted by Sandra Garrity:

What you can't see in the photo is the cool little helm she has hanging on her belt behind her left arm. It's probably my favorite feature of this mini, which is why I want to paint it well. With all the great painters on Reaper's forums, I probably won't even "place" in this contest, but that hardly matters. I feel inspired to paint again, and that does matter. Thanks, Reaper!

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