Monday, January 17, 2011

RPG Mini WIP - Male Ninja

I posted recently that I'd chosen #03081 Edo (Male Human Ninja) from Reaper Minis for my January mini. I chose him in particular because he's not complicated color-wise and also because I already have Mad Painter Notes from my Guild Assassin to use for the color scheme (since they're in the same Guild). Believe it or not, I actually started on him and thus far have done the basecoat, highlight, wash and a second highlight:

Ignore the dungeon in the background: our boy here is not quite ready

I'm not completely satisfied with the highlighting. Unfortunately, I'm not exactly sure exactly how to fix it to my liking, so I've posted him to the Reaper WIP forum in the hopes of getting helpful hints. Naturally, any of you fine folks reading this who have hints can feel free to post them here if you don't have a log-in on Reaper.

p.s. the dungeon tiles in the background were made by my Hubby

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