Tuesday, January 25, 2011

WIP Progress

I'm up to 5 hexes on the blankie now:

Had to take the picture diagonally and turn it because it was too wide for the camera
Not exactly that one-hex-a-day average I was looking for. I was hoping to work on it more this past weekend but I was busy playing Pathfinder. Oops.

I'm also finishing a scarf WIP for my older daughter, who started one for a friend:
Good thing this is a simple garter stitch project
Despite being fairly inexperienced at knitting, her gauge is fairly consistent though I can tell she did some "distracted" knitting (having done my fair share of it). Understandably, she'd rather focus her efforts on drawing than on knitting; we each have our strengths (drawing is decidedly not mine). This is a very wide, very long scarf she fashioned after the one "Russia" wears in Axis Powers Hetalia. Thus, what you're looking at is the end, not the side. Big scarf. How'd she talk me into this again?

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