Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Posable Figure Repair: When Yarn, Hardware and Art Coalesce

While we were snow-watching this past Sunday, my older daughter told me that "Jesse," a posable art figure, might be done for. Apparently, his foot had come off several times, though until today, she had been able to repair him. For some reason, she just couldn't get him fixed this time, despite attempting to use yarn to pull him together. After she described the issue, I talked her into bringing him down so I could take a look:

Jesse, all in pieces

Turns out a couple of the screws were stripped. My MacGuyver Mom skills still reasonably sharp, I realized we would need both yarn and wood glue. I applied the wood glue to the screws while he was still in pieces so it wouldn't affect his ability to move:

This springy screw has to be pulled through leg pieces and onto the hip screw.

The hip screw: not easily reached.

Once the wood was dry, I cut a piece from my trusty ball of beige crochet thread, hooked it onto the spring attached to his foot, strung it through his leg pieces and pulled it onto the screw in his hip, all of which sounds painful enough to make me grateful I'm not a posable art figure:

Aunt Lydia's to the rescue

Pulling the yarn through the hip joint and up onto the hip screw; note the loose shoulder screw, lower left of photo

Noticing his shoulder screw was a little loose, I went ahead and dabbed a little wood glue on that and the remaining screws:

Wood glue drying

Here's our little superstar, all fixed up and ready to work:


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