Saturday, January 8, 2011

Choosing January's Mini

After reviewing my New Year's resolutions, I realized I'd better pick a mini for January.  Then I encountered what I suppose I have encountered every time I've tried to pick a mini to paint; my overwhelming collection:

This doesn't include the Warhammer 40K Termagants or the handful of painted Reaper minis that are currently in use. Still, it's obvious that the majority of my collection remains unpainted. I find it easy to choose when the mini is for a particular character, but choosing one just to paint is rather daunting. I like them all. Most of them made me ooh and ahh when I bought them. I want to paint all of them, so how can I pick just one?

Finally, I decided January's mini should be something rather simple; a ninja. Specifically, 03081 Edo, mini and image by Reaper Minis, sculpted by Bobby Jackson:

You can see him waiting patiently in the fourth photo of this post, middle shelf, far left (your left). Now he's waiting patiently on the crafting table. You know how ninjas are: they'll wait patiently until it's time to strike. Or, you know, get painted.

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