Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New WIP: Hex Blankie and a Once-in-a-Lifetime Joke

I bought an afghan pattern some time ago for my Hubby called Komb, published by Berroco. It's a no-sew job and the motif is a hexagonal shape, which is great for an RPG GM like my hubby:
I wonder if Berroco knows that hexagons are used for outdoors mapping in RPGs

Now that I've finally finished the green blanket I felt no guilt in casting on for this one, which will be considerably smaller than the green one:
This nifty hexagon has a dirty little secret!

Once I started really working on it, however, I realized it wasn't entirely a no-sew job; the pattern calls for you work the motif back and forth and then sew the seam. This has two unfortunate side effects: 1. you have to sew; and 2. for all that trouble, it leaves a very visible seam:
The seam, approx. half a cm thick, is even visible in this flat photo

Heck with that; I decided I'd just knit it in the round. It required some pattern adjusting, but not a lot, and yielded the same tidy hex and no seam:
Knitted in the round
Look Ma, no seam!

So what's the once-in-a-lifetime joke, you ask? Well, being who I am, I had to fling the completed motif shuriken-style at the nearest family member and shout "I put a hex on you!"

The eye-rolling was exquisite.  Boo-yah.


  1. Oh man. Baaaaaaaaad pun. I will make sure to keep my very very punny husband away from you and your family. I don't think I could survive the PUNishment.

  2. Bah. You'd be bored if I didn't throw a few bad puns out there ;-)

    [I tell my kids the puns are just survival training...]