Thursday, September 1, 2011

WIP: Flying Mint Bunny

My older daughter talked me into trying to knit her a "flying mint bunny" (a character from an Anime show about which I know zero) to use at A-Fest or A-Con or whatever A-thing is happening in Dallas this weekend. Thus far, I have most of the pieces knitted:
No, the Yarnblob on the left is not a part of the final piece.
I've got 1.5 legs left to make and then the assembly and a face. So, that begs the question: which one is the lucky rabbit's foot?

Once this thing is complete, I will be happy to write up and post the pattern if anyone is interested.


  1. Gosh I love Flying Mint Bunny! I'll be cosplaying it at a con sometime soon. Put my mom through alot trying to make a good costume, though! XD What moms won't do for their kids.

  2. Yes indeed; we'll even make up knitting patterns for bunnies ;-)