Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Halloween Mouslings and Wizard Mini

I've had these three minis for quite some time, all by Reaper Miniatures.  The first two are the "Trick or Treat Mouslings" (#0535, Sculptor G. Van Horne).  I decided I really wanted to paint them by this Halloween, so I did:

The third one is a Reaper Minis wizard I've had for quite a long time, "Catherine O'Mannon" (#02344, Sculptor S. Garrity).  I painted her because I'm finally playing a wizard in a Pathfinder campaign and was rather surprised to realize I had no painted wizard minis. At. All.  Then I realized the only time I've played a wizard since we started using minis was actually a rogue with some wizard levels (that mini is in use again in another campaign).  I've been using this one with just a primer coat, but wanted to get her painted before she got tarnished or the primer wore off:

And of course, here is the requisite pencil shot for scale:
All three minis were painted by me using a combination of Reaper Mini paints and FolkArt paints.  Unfortunately, my desktop computer and thus my photo editing software are temporarily out of commission, so you get to view the working surface in all its chaotic glory.  Yes, all of those paints you see in the background and more were used to paint these.