Monday, May 30, 2011

D is for Revenge

Okay D is for Dog, but the dog was my revenge. My Hubby kept throwing this little dog-shaped cat toy at me and I couldn't seem to hit him with it, so while he wasn't looking I put it where he would be sure to see it:
Yes, that's part of my hubby's current project. Now it's a dog house ;-)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Another Yarnblob Undone

Remember the Pink Scarf of Doom? I finally got my older daughter to give me some dimensions (9"x6') for the original (cartoon) scarf we're approximating, and it was considerably less wide than the one we were working on. At last measurement, it was 3' wide (yes, 3 feet wide) by about 3.5' long. After informing her that I could probably unwind it and re-knit it to 9" wide by 6' long much more quickly than continuing with the 3' wide version, she finally agreed, and here it is, ripped, wound and waiting to be cast on in the new, compact version:
Yes, this is just the yarn we'd already used. Yikes.

P is for Paul

This wooden letter was purchased by my mother-in-law quite awhile before she passed away:

(Painted in Folkart Cobalt Blue and Antique Gold, finished with Ceramcoat Matte Varnish)

She'd bought initials for the kids' doors, intending for the kids to paint them. My youngest painted his most of the way a few weeks ago and I finished it up today. I spend Friday night and Saturday painting Warhammer figures, so this easy project was a rather nice break.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mouseguard Plushie!

Guarding the TV with his meager life!

Also, I got the Trick or Treat Mouselings the last time we were at Reaper Minis:

After all, who doesn't need a plushie Mouseling ranger or a tiny Mouseling witch?

Friday, May 20, 2011

I'll Take the #2 Rabbitslayer, Please

This little dagger is from my Warhammer Glade Guard; I lost it recently (after finding the head) and later found it on the painting table under a cloth (pencil for scale):
And yes, "Rabbitslayer" is a Dragonlance reference.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

WIP: Socks on the Go

I have a family member in the hospital (she's doing fine), and while visiting her there I all but finished one pair of socks and started another. This is the pair I started there:

Unfortunately, I have to re-do the first sock because it's a bit too large; I spose that's what happens when you approximate gauge in a waiting room and then knit standing up with the yarn in your pocket. Fortunately, I'm a patient knitter when it comes to socks, and I'm making the second sock (shown in the photo on the needles) about 4 stitches smaller. Once I get that one done and make sure it's the right size, I'll just unwind the first one and re-do it.

For those wondering, the yarn is OnLine Supersocke Relax-Color #1106 on circular size US2 needles, with appropriate Anti-Yarnblob Devices deployed.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Two Painting WIPs I'm Never Gonna Get Right

The first is that dang ninja, after I tried adjusting the highlighting down from stark white to a softer yellow:
(He looks like he's been bombed by a squadron of pollen-laden honeybees)

The other is that dang gnome with the cool armor that just refuses to look like leopard spots:
(She looks like she's either made of stone or has a serious infestation of some sort)


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Warhammer Wood Elf Glade Guard (lots of pics)

Well I finally got a few completed (this after destroying part of the Guard by trying to use the spray-on primer):

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Beltane Yarnblob

In honor of Beltane (Mayday to the uninitiated), here is a pic symbolic of two Yarnblobs joining to create a yarn cake:
Happy Beltane, everyone!