Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy Birthday and WIP Progress

First, Happy Birthday to little Frieda, born today :-)

Second, I wanted to use my progress on her blanket as a visual how-to on adding a border to a baby blanket using Vera without sewing (the only way this thing is gettin' done before Frieda goes to college):

First, with the first stitch of the blanket hooked onto the first needle, cast on for the border. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pics of this process, but will do so when I cast on for the other edge.

With the carriage on the opposite side of the border in relation to the main piece (e.g. blanket is on your left, edging in the middle, carriage on the right, blanket and carriage reverse positions for the other edge), pick up a stitch from the main piece using the tool and hook the stitch onto the first needle with the stitch from the edging:

Second, run the carriage across twice. The first time will knit the two stitches together:

The second time will lock that into place and return the carriage to the starting position for the next stitch to be picked up:

Repeat by skipping a row on the main piece, effectively picking up and knitting on every other row of both the main piece and the border:

In this instance, I am also working every other row into a knit stitch. Since Vera knits in reverse stockinette, this results in a garter stitch.

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