Wednesday, June 2, 2010

UFO Chronicles Continued

I actually have done some more work on My Own Personal UFO. I've gotten 3 more stripes sewn together, though they're not attached to the main blanket. After emptying my Cauldron O'Yarn and finding it had generated a small ball of the Scurvy Yarn I'd mostly gotten rid of, I thought perhaps if I put the UFO in the cauldron....

Okay, that probably won't work, but at least it's in sight now, and next to my working area. Maybe keeping it in visual range will inspire me to actually finish sewing the thing. It could happen.


  1. SEWING! feh. I will go to great lengths to avoid sewing.

  2. Yah. Me too. I totally hate that part.

  3. I love this blanket and love it even more that I'm the one you'll share it with. Love, HB.