Monday, May 31, 2010

So Long, Metropolis

For those of you who recall my Scurvy Yarn Project, I posted the Lion Brand Metropolis yarn to my Ravelry page as yarn I'd sell/trade (there's not a spot for "yarn I'd rather send off the plank than ever knit with again"). At last, someone took me up on it, and I shipped all 8 skeins of it off yesterday. Yes, I realize it was a Sunday and today is a holiday so it actually won't go anywhere until tomorrow, but at least it's out of my Yarn Booty. Boo-yah.

After I sent it out, a variant on a song from The Wizard of Oz started going through my head: "Hey-ho the yarn is gone, the yarn is gone, the yarn is gone, hey-ho the scurvy yarn is gone....."

Pleased with my victory and humming my new theme song, I got home from the post office and immediately started moving the yarn from the Cauldron O'Yarn in my living room to the box that formerly contained the Metropolis yarn. Ironically, I found this in the cauldron waiting for me like Sheppard Book's hair:

Oh well; I should know better than to store scurvy yarn in a symbol of renewed life.

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