Monday, May 3, 2010

Knitting Doldrums

I didn't realize I'd gone almost all of last week without blogging. I admit to being in a sort of yarn limbo: aside from the Sharks getting my kimono, I hit another snag in the Paladin dice bag I'm trying to design. Fortunately, I made a mock-up in cheap yarn so the stuff I actually intended to use didn't get destroyed.

Instead of a dice bag, however, I ended up with a yarn Rorschach (Yarnschach?) test. Could be a jellyfish:

could be a hat:

could be a Dune sandworm (the spice is the worm; the worm is the spice):

None of those, however, is what it was supposed to be. As for my other projects, I think I'm a bit burned out on making baby items because I still haven't done the hat and booties for the yellow and green set. I'm also crawling along on my friend's gloves.

I have, however, built a database for the firm I work for and populated a lot of the data for it, installed 2 showerheads in our bathroom here at home, and helped my Hubby set up a small patio set we got. I also got a set of stacking cookie sheets, which will make that hobby a bit easier, since one of the things I lack is lateral space to let them cool and dry. At the same store, I got a lazy susan that I hope will help keep the yarn bobbins straight when I get back on the kimono track.

So, not to worry: I'll get the wind back in my sails soon.

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