Wednesday, May 26, 2010

WIP Progress: Whole Lotta Froggin' Goin' On

I finished the main part of my best friend's short-fingered gloves about a week ago:

I've been working on them almost daily ever since and yet they look exactly the same as they did a week ago. That's because I keep having to frog out the convertible finger flap. So far, we're up to three attempts. Having discovered the yarn is a bit too dark to try to start this phase away from home, I started a "travel" project. I grabbed one of many skeins of sock yarn in my Yarn Booty and started knitting. So far, I'm up to my third attempt on this project as well, but have now gotten this far:

On my first attempt, I realized the size 00 needles were really too small for the yarn and the thing was going to be more like a cast than a sock. My second undo was when I realized I'd added too many stitches and needed to remove some so I wouldn't end up giving the socks to my Hubby. Now it's good and going along as it should, and I'm about an inch or so further than I'd gotten on my first try.


  1. Ooh, that would make me grit my teeth.

    Well, congratulations on getting further in on the sock. :)

  2. Oh, yeah: lots of teeth gritting and (being southern) eye rolling. And thanks, but of course I had to re-frog the sock because it was a teency bit too short (that's what happens when you wing a pattern without a ruler). Now I think I'm back to where I was when I took the picture, but this time I had gotten all the way past the heel and started on the cuff when I had to re-frog. Sigh.