Monday, May 10, 2010

Finished at Last - Green-Yellow Baby Set

Cocoa Bear looks duly embarrassed at wearing this very frilly hat. Of course, were he a wolf, he could pretend he was waiting for Little Red Riding Hood...


  1. OK, I *think* I am caught up. There is no earthly way I can keep up with you when I go on vacation (or you know, really stressed and tired - SOON TO END! YAY! No more job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    But rest be assured, I read back to the point where I left off, and DAYUM woman, you are a productive knitter.

    Can't wait to see how the kimono is going (or not)

  2. Thanks :-) It's funny, though, that I've been feeling rather unproductive knit-wise. Mostly I think it's because I've had to stop and restart a couple of things. I haven't restarted (or even frogged) the kimono yet, but that is soon to change. Tomorrow, however, I have jury duty and the FAQs say you can bring needlework, so I will probably take a ball of sock yarn. If I'm stuck there the whole day, who knows but I might actually finish a pair in one day (that's my goal). It could happen ;-)