Monday, May 24, 2010


I finally made cookies this weekend. I've been wanting to make some for awhile but haven't really had time. At long last, I had an excusereason: Friday was Pacman's 30th birthday! Plus I have some new cookie cutters I wanted to use, and some stackable cooling racks that make finding space to work much easier:

Here are closeups of some of my favorites:

I knew you'd have been disappointed if there wasn't a pirate-related cookie ;-)


  1. Those are extremely excellent.

    Plus, it's a good thing I'm looking at this at work, because if my daughter saw these photos she would leave me and go live with you in a half second. :)

  2. Heheh good thing she didn't see; we've got a housefull already ;-)

  3. Woof - Schnauzers - the hubby and I thought they were adorable - hated to eat them - Kim

  4. Thanks :-) I thought the dogs were rather tasty (and hey, no walking required....)