Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Baby Blanket

Another finished baby blanket (except weaving in the ends, currently simply tucked behind the blanket):
It's difficult to see, but the edging is a two-color basketweave.

I've probably mentioned that this table is our gaming table, and the only one big enough to spread out a whole baby blanket. In case you're wondering, the small grey figure at the upper left of the photo is Veltargo, the bad guy from last weekend's Pathfinder session, and you can just see the other miniatures, several of which are laying down due to near-death experiences.

My assistants with this late-night photo shoot:
My youngest was in bed and was thus not available to 'assist,' and someone had to fill in, after all. Not to worry, though: I'm sure he'll be available when I've done the hat and booties.


  1. The blanket looks lovely! I'm impressed with the two color basket weave edging (although you're right, it is hard to see in the photo)

  2. Thanks :-) I think I might scan a section of it and see if that comes out.