Thursday, March 18, 2010

Glove Progress and a Lesson Learned

This past Saturday, once the cabled scarf was completed, I cast on for my friend's gloves. By the end of our gaming session in the wee hours of Sunday morning, I had completed the wrist and part of the palm. As usual, I then tucked it into my trusty project travel bag and took it to work Monday. Generally, inside my trusty project travel bag:

I keep a smaller zippered case with all the essentials:

The essentials generally include DPN's in the same size (or smaller) than the circulars I'm currently using, a pair of snips, a cable needle, a yarn needle, spare waste yarn, stitch holders, stitch markers, point protectors, needle holders (coily stretchy things), a retractable tape measure in the shape of a black sheep (of course), a thimble, a crochet hook, a pencil, a click eraser, a gauge and needle measuring device (the pink and silver metal card), and a small index card box (the green oval-ish box at the top).

While working on the cabled scarf, however, I decided to clean out the essentials case because it was getting heavy and much of what I normally carry was unnecessary for that particular project. What was I thinking? As far as I can remember, I was trying to get organized. Bad. Idea.

To be fair, all was well through the finishing of the scarf, and even during the beginning of the gloves. Until I found myself at work Tuesday, needing to start on the first finger, sans stitch holders. Fortunately, I had left the MadCatz memory card box (semi-transparent box to the left) holding the waste yarn and yarn needle in the zippered kit, so I used the waste yarn as my stitch holders and all was well again.

Until I got to the second finger. For that, I needed to pick up a few stitches from the previous finger, and found I had no crochet hook. After briefly considering what might be done with a bent paper clip, I found I had only about 4 minutes left on my lunch break and decided the MacGuyver routine would just have to wait. Tuesday after I got home, I diligently re-stocked my essentials bag. As a result, Wednesday I made it this far on the glove:

You can just see the yarn peeking out from the other side where it's still being used as a stitch holder. Here's a pic of the other side:

In this one, you can see the yarn stitch holder still in place at the fingers and thumb.

The point of all this? Never empty out the travel kit, thinking you won't need the stuff you carry. Murphy's Law is, after all, still in full effect.

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