Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pharoah of All He Surveys

My Hubby and I were doing a bit of pool maintenance this Sunday since the weather was so nice. Specifically, we cleaned the skimmer baskets, added chlorine, fished out the chlorine tablets from the bottom of the pool where the duck dumped them after breaking open, cleaned the filter basket and emptied Nessie's bag. Nessie (our pool cleaner) and the duck can be seen in this photo, taken September of 2008:

During all this, my Hubby had a moment my pagan friends will appreciate:

Yes, the Plano-ite version of the crook and flail. What more can you say.


  1. Ok, that is pretty funny. :)

    Love it.

  2. His sense of humor is one of the reasons I married him :-)