Tuesday, March 16, 2010

FO - Blue Cabled Scarf

I finished the blue cabled scarf for my best friend while we were playing Pathfinder Saturday night/Sunday morning (*knit two, purl two, check for traps, repeat from*). I wanted her to pose with it for the blog entry, but she said she was having a bad hair day. The trollhead, however, was not so shy:
"Watcha think? Does this bring out my eyes?"

"Wait.. take a pic of me good side!"

Encouraged by the trollhead's bravado, my best friend decided maybe she wasn't having such a bad hair day after all:


  1. She has pretty hair! (your friend, not the troll)

    And the scarf looks lovely.

  2. Heheh Thanks :-) I'm working on the coordinating gloves now, though they're not cabled.