Saturday, March 13, 2010

Convertible Gloves

Now that I'm nearly done with my no-blogging best friend's hat and scarf, to complete the ensemble, I'm going to make her some convertible half-finger gloves with a removable cover to go over the fingers. For that, she's chosen Berroco Sox in color 1477:

(Image from Berroco)

Some of the stripes pretty closely match the Ella Rae used for the hat and scarf, so it should coordinate pretty well.

Surprisingly, I had to do three test swatches to get the gauge right: the pattern calls for size 2's, I had to go down to size 00's:

I think you can see the purple and blue parts of the colorway better in my test swatch than in the Berroco photo. Of course, the robins have been showing up in our neighborhood and the trees are budding, so it will be in the 90's before you know it. Next year, however, after it has again been so hot for so long that we've forgotten that winter exists, the surprise snowfall/ icefall/ lengthy coldsnap will not get to my best friend's ears, neck or hands. So there, next winter: take that.

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  1. I know! I'm already planning for next winter's clothing...