Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dice Bag – The Dwarven Adventurer

This bag has a seed stitch between cables, though the yarn makes the cables difficult to see in the photographs.

The outer layer is made from Rehue Multy No. 6, a hand-dyed alpaca/silk/polyamide blend from Araucania Yarns that varies in both color and thickness. The inner layer is Aktion JaWoll Color sock yarn, color 132.0201, which is a wool-nylon blend from Lang Yarns.

The cables and the color are reminiscent of either a red-bearded Dwarf fighter fresh from a dungeon crawl (thus the green part), or fall colors for those who aren’t RPG players. It’s also short and wide in appearance and holds a surprising amount of dice or other things. The bag stands up well on its own, full or empty, and the holes for the drawstrings are reinforced in crochet.

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