Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gloves Progress and Kimono Cast-On

Well I've gotten one glove made, minus the flip-covers:
As you can see, I've not yet woven in all the ends, but I like to wait until the recipient has tried it on before doing so in case the fingers need to be lengthened or shortened.

Meanwhile, I've finally cast on for the pink shells kimono:
Okay, it's not a lot to look at, but I had to do it twice before I got this far. I was also relieved that I had enough of this type of stitch marker for this particular cast-on. The yarn likes to slip out of the rings of the pretty bead-adorned stitch markers, and I didn't have enough of the plastic coiled ring type for this. I had some narrow ring type, but they kept migrating between stitches. The green and orange ones pictured have a safety-pin type closure, so the yarn can't slip out or migrate and lie to me about how many stitches I've done. So take That, pink yarn of doom!

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