Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cauldron O’Yarn

They have “slow news days” in TV news, so maybe knitter bloggy people can have slow news days too. I've made some progress on a couple of projects but haven't finished anything, so this is that day. Thus, here’s a random pic of yarn. In a cauldron. On a hearth. Next to a giraffe-print pillow. I’ll leave explanations to the imagination.

Argh matey, don’t ya be touchin’ me lucky charms. Or me cauldron o’yarn!

PS I nearly finished a dice bag and would have posted that, but I had to re-do the bottom of the liner.



    I do like the yarn basket. I would like to have one. Unfortunately with husband, kiddo and cat in the house I think that would last approximately, oh, two minutes.

  2. Thanks :-) This is just the overflow basket for the stuff I drag into the lab and forget to drag out again, intending to use it "real soon." Once upon a time, my entire yarn stash fit into this thing. It's actually a plastic Halloween cauldron. Sometimes, we dump out the yarn and actually use it for its intended purpose: distributing candy to strange neighborhood children (and not just our own).