Thursday, February 11, 2010

Brown Suede Dice Bag

I remember now why I frequently simply knit things without writing out a full-blown pattern. Murphy’s law invariably kicks in and the only thing that will match the pattern is the number of stitches I started out with and the schematic for any special stitching. This bag is no exception: The long-tail cast-on didn’t work so well with the actual dice bag, and even if it had, the cabling was directional so it had to be knit from the bottom up. Here’s the completed outer layer sans pullstring, and you can see the cabling:

That done, I decided on a sock yarn for the inner liner: Lana Grossa Meilenweit Tweed #106:

Oddly enough, I did write out the pattern for the inner layer, which knitted up mostly like the pattern except I had to add knit-even rows between the decrease rows. I originally didn’t think that would be necessary: so much for my precise calculations. Murphy’s law aside, here’s the final product, inside and out:


I like that it will stand on its own when empty. This is how many dice it will hold:

In case you don’t want to spend all day counting, that’s 13 sets of 7 polyhedral dice each (91 dice) plus a handful of mini 6-sided dice (for sneak attack damage). And no, that is not my entire dice collection, but a good portion of it. My Hubby calls this one "the Barbarian."


  1. The dice bag looks cool!

    Now, what do you use the dice for? Or do you just collect?

  2. They're RPG dice (D&D, D20, Pathfinder). I also collect them, since no one character could possibly need that many dice. They're just pretty and shiney and of course I have to accessorize based on my character's class, etc. heheh