Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dice Bags

I finally took some pics of my own dice bags; the ones I knitted and actually use myself, except the putty-colored one, which my youngest son uses. This one is made from a bamboo yarn in an all-over cabled stitch which negates the need for a liner (the quarter is for scale):

This one is made from LionBrand ribbon yarn, which produces a thick cloth that also doesn't need a liner:

This is a tiny one, made to hold a tiny set of dice:

This grey one isn't my favorite, but holds a surprising number of dice: that's three sets of 6-sided dice, 36 dice per set:

This one (the one in the foreground) is made from purple "camo" yarn. I can't imagine what one would have to be standing next to in order to be camouflaged by this particular color scheme, but the bag is highly useful nonetheless. I made it large and collapsible by alternating bands of stockinette and reverse stockinette stitch. In order to show its shape while full, I stuffed 3 of the other dice bags inside it:

This is my favorite dice bag, made from two types of yarn, and it holds an incredible number of dice:

Currently, it holds 9 sets of 7-piece polyhedral dragon dice, though given the stretchy nature of yarn, it has held up to 12 such sets. I had to break out the dice tray so they wouldn't roll off the table:

This is the inner layer:

This is where I keep them all when not in use:

Pay no attention to the plastic D&D minis around it, nor the toy dragon whose teeth you can juuust see at the upper left: she guards my 3-Dragon Ante game and game pieces. Okay, I know you want to see her, so here she is in all her glory, surrounded by more plastic D&D minis and the B-2 Stealth Bomber and Fighter:

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