Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hittin' the Easy Button

After a rough day at work, I had to go to the grocery store on my way home (those dern kids insist on eating "every: day - tsk!). Being somewhat exhausted, I picked up dinner pre-cooked in the deli section so we could get everyone fed reasonably early. Easy Button! Right after dinner, I had the kids help with the laundry, the cat box, and a few other things. I say "help" but I really just told them what to do and had them do it. Easy Button! All that done, I decided we needed cookies, but didn't want to roll and ice them. Drop cookies are easy enough, so I made up a batch of chocolate-chocolate chip-mint drop cookies using chips I bought while at the store today:

I used parchment paper on the cookie pans so they just need to cool and be put away, already clean. Easy Button! After baking, I only managed to down one before I was all sugared out - they're very rich. Have I mentioned that I love my stand mixer? My Hubby likes to keep brown sugar in the freezer, so of course it gets lumpy. I just left the mixer on for a few minutes with the butter and sugar, and it got the lumps out. Easy Button!

Meanwhile, after having a cookie or two himself, my Hubby reminded me that I've not posted pics of these socks:


I made them some time ago, as you can see by the slow felting process that's going on during washing. I made these for myself, but despite my precise and numerous calculations, they ended up big enough for my Hubby. That was before I realized my in-the-round gauge is different than my back-and-forth gauge. Blast ye scurvy purls! These days, I just knit them with a few quick calculations once I've got enough knitted to establish gauge. Easy button!

Now that I've hit the easy button so many times in one evening, I'm too tired to knit. Oh well, off to bed; that's easy too. Probably another rough day at work tomorrow, but that doesn't hit the easy button, so I' not gonna think about that just now.

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